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Making a Custom Wood Burning Stamp

If you are into wood burning (pyrography) or woodworking a custom stamp can be a huge time saver and bring future customers and orders in your door. If you just make for your family, the mark you put on the pieces will be looked at fondly for generations as the stories are retold of the piece’s origin and its maker.

Brass Custom Wood Burning Stamp or Brass Custom Branding Iron used for burning a design into wood.

The process to get your own is easy–You don’t need to have a logo already. You don’t need to be able to design one. You don’t need computer skills other than to exchange emails about it. You also don’t even have to be sure exactly what you would want on it. If you don’t have those things, how can you get one made?

Where to Start

Everyone would like to mark their work professionally and beautifully, but it isn’t always clear where to start.

That’s where I come in. I have guided over 1,600 people through the process of creating beautiful wood burning stamps so I know what questions to ask to save you time, inspire ideas, and avoid mistakes. The process is so refined it takes an average of only 4.8 responses to go from first contact to a completed design. So how do I do that?

Listening. Digging a little deeper. Providing options. Guiding decisions. Doing the worrying and fine adjustments for you. Although that kind of care may sound expensive, through practice I’ve come up with ways to drive out wasted time and mistakes and provide you better value. Want an example?

My Productivity = Your Value

When I save time, I shift that time to focus on you. In my shop, I batch orders to save time. But having a big batch of wood burning stamps all done in a pile could lead to mix-ups, right? Not in my shop. To allow this time saving technique, but prevent mistakes, I have written software that organizes all the orders I’m running into a printed list complete with barcodes and pictures. When I scan them it automatically takes care of many tasks that have to be done when I finish the job. I have dozens of other examples I could bore you with — the point is that by figuring out ways to save time in my shop I can deliver exceptional service and value on a product you’ll be proud to tell people is Made in the USA. So where do we go from here?

Ready, Set, Go!

The fasted way get a wood burning stamp is to pick a size and checkout. When I see that order come in you’ll be amazed at the fire hose of personal attention I turn on you. If at any point you feel the process isn’t working for you I will cancel the order and refund your money without giving you an ounce of grief.

The Deal

My wood burning stamps start at $89 and increase in cost with the amount of metal involved. The design work is included. That’s an exceptional value since many people charge that much for just a logo. You can get yours below.

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In December 2021, How long are USPS Priority Mail Packages taking to be delivered?

First — THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of the hard working people in the USPS during this, and every holiday season. I appreciate you SO MUCH. This is a hectic time of year, and your dedication to making everyone’s holidays happy is truly awesome!

My standard shipping for the branding irons I make in my home shop is USPS Priority Mail. A Priority Mail Express Upgrade is available to add to orders when you need the 1-2 day guarantee.

For my customers: The below is a sampling of the time it takes to get an order when you’ve given me the green light to ship it. The below table is my experience with real packages and tracking this holiday season. I’m not in a “hub” city for the USPS. Trenton, Ohio is the origin for the below list of packages:

TABLE LAST UPDATED: 2021-12-13 — Doing great! 5 Calendar Days is the longest as of today.

DestinationDate Shipped# of Calendar Days

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Should I buy an Aluminum or Brass Branding Iron?

If you have been asking yourself “is an aluminum branding iron or a brass branding iron better?” The answer is that both are good choices and it really comes down to your specific situation. I have customers who have done over a thousand impressions with both metals. The ideal temperature for bringing out the details in a design is far below the melting temperature of either metal.

My advice: Because of it is less expensive, aluminum is my general go-to. Always buy aluminum for food. Although Aluminum will melt before brass, most people can hardly wait the 3-5 minutes it takes to get up to branding temperature, let alone going to 2x that to actually soften the metal. Only by propping it up and wandering off to do something else will damage occur. If one is doing large batches, it is also important to count in your head how many seconds it takes to get smoke per piece and keep it around 1-2 seconds so that heating between pieces doesn’t cause sloppy, overburned marks from getting it too hot. Even if something does happen to it, I’m always ready to help if a mishap occurs.

Brass Branding Irons are good for shops where there are multiple people and perhaps not all of them have seen the instructions for best results (1-2 seconds to smoke). If they get carried away it is less likely to cause damage. It is also good for fitting to an electric handle. Electric handles put all their heat right into the threads of the iron and if they run hot can damage the threads.

Either one will make 4-6 impressions before needing another 30 seconds of heating with a torch. Both should be held by hand over the heat source and have their temperatures checked once a minute until the first hint of a mark on scrap wood. Then, I recommend checking them every 30 seconds after that first hint is seen.

Aluminum Branding Irons

Material properties of Aluminum (link)

Less Expensive

Food Safe ( 6160 alloy has zero lead )

Harder at room temperature

Requires checking their temperature every 30-60 seconds by pressing against a piece of scrap test wood (needed if you want a nice crisp mark with either iron).

Demonstrated to reliably provide 500+ impressions when heated to “branding temperature” (300C). If the wood smokes in about a second, that is hot enough.

Brass Branding Irons

Material properties of Brass (link)

Higher cost but very pretty and heat tolerant.

Not recommended for food. (360 Brass alloy has a small amount of lead in it to make it free machining).

Requires checking their temperature every 30-60 seconds by pressing against a piece of scrap test wood (needed if you want a nice crisp mark with either iron).

Good for use with electric handles to prevent thread damage.

I have never seen one melted even when carelessly heated far beyond the “good mark” temperature.