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Cottage Industries are for Kids: The story of Yeltrowshop

Yeltrowshop LLC is a backyard workshop startup. In this shop I make custom branding irons that allow craftspeople to mark their woodworking and leatherworking creations proudly. The branding irons also make great gifts and memorable awards. Great work deserves a great mark.

The work that comes into the shop is done by myself (Matt) and pieces of it are subbed out to my two awesome kids as they have time in their busy lives. It is a great creative outlet for me, and I love the reactions I get from my customers when they see their design come to life in that first test burn.

This site is an outgrowth of the Etsy shop I started in 2017 to show my children that enterprising creativity and perseverance are rewarded. It has worked out great and provided our family a lot of opportunities to experience small business ownership and entrepreneurship. They are able to participate in jobs that help build that all-important understanding of the value of hard work and one’s time. I’m able to enjoy owning a small enterprise that is all ours.

Thank you for stopping in to check out our shop! You can see our branding irons below.