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Branded Wedding Coaster Ideas

My customers have the most clever ideas. One that I really like is both useful and memorable. Over the past several years, I’ve made a lot of irons that people use to brand tree slices or more elaborate coasters for commemorating their weddings or keeping their businesses in front of their customers. Here is a sampling of the nice looking designs I have collaborated with my customers on. If you have interest in working with me on making one of these for you, use the form at to reach out.

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State Outline Branding Irons

I love it when I pick up an item and it tells me a little bit of its story. Who made it? Where did it came from? How old is it? Are there more like it? I’m proud that my irons are made in the USA and the state of Ohio and mark them as such. If you want to share some of your work’s story a state outline branding iron is a classy way to do it. I have outlines of all 50 states and I’m happy to help you create a design. Please note that some of the below irons were designed by the customer themselves and may not be used as a template. They are just shown here as an example of what’s possible.

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Creating Handwritten Signature Branding Irons

A really popular way to put a unique mark on a piece is to make a signature branding ion. These are really easy for you to create:

  • Take a straight-on photo of a signature [ See our guide here for some tips ]
  • Use our contact form to tell us you would like an iron made. We’ll send you an email address to send attachments to.
  • Place an order (for a 2″ or larger iron) if you want a proof image made. We use “placed orders” to prioritize our work so we can keep up. (Don’t worry — If you aren’t happy with the proofs and don’t feel it is working out, I will quickly refund your order without any hassle. I’m in the happy people business).
  • 2″ or larger iron are generally required to get the level of detail required for a “signature iron.”

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