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Making a Custom Wood Burning Stamp

If you are into wood burning (pyrography) or woodworking a custom stamp can be a huge time saver and bring future customers and orders in your door.

Brass Custom Wood Burning Stamp or Brass Custom Branding Iron used for burning a design into wood.
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Are you in the spot that you want to be able to mark you workpieces professionally and beautifully, but you aren’t really sure where to start?

The process to get your own is easy–You don’t need to have a logo already. You don’t need to be able to design one. You don’t need computer skills other than to exchange emails about it.

So if you don’t have those things, what you do need is a guide. And that is what I love doing Ping me. Really — Just do it! I don’t mind. I love to help. >>>>Contact me!<<<<<<

I have been through the process of guiding over 1,500 people through the process of creating beautiful wood burning stamps so I know what questions to ask to save you time and mistakes.

I act as your guide through the whole process. i have many templates to choose from — you pick what you like, I change it to suit your tastes, and then I make it. Easy as pie!

If you are looking for ideas or inspiration, I have some FREE RESOURCES on my Learn page or the Gallery. There are all manner of examples there and details that you can choose to check out if you wish. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO — It’s my job to worry about all that stuff.

How much do they cost? These are MADE IN THE USA by ME. They start at $99 and increase in cost with the amount of metal involved. The design of the logo alone is with the cost. It’s like getting the branding iron for free!

Avoid the frustration of struggling to communicate, and waiting forever to get something that might not be what you had intended to get by buying from a dependable American craftsman.

All the prices are in the listings below.

Product Page: USA Made Branding Iron – Custom — Made in Trenton, Ohio

Product Page: BRASS Branding Iron – Custom – Made in USA

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